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Eggplant Bacon

Eggplant Bacon Recipe

E.L.T on Sprouted Tortilla (Fo-kus Photo©)

Swine, swine, swine….. The animal doesn’t sweat therefore it cannot properly release toxins. Did I mention that they will eat anything? I don’t say that lightly either. ANYTHING! Once I finally became enlightened to the filth, potential health problems and overall how cute they are, swine long ago got ditched from my diet... How I missed BLT’s and Potato soup with crunchy swine bits atop. Until about two weeks ago, I had heard of eggplant bacon, but never had an encounter until the cabin fever started to set in full form. (When the elements stop me from building, gardening, hula hooping, biking, sitting outside with my arms outstretched to welcome the suns healing rays in other words I freak out panic, pout and start making random concoctions in the kitchen instead.) Back on track now, I now present to you eggplant bacon, just what my sandwiches and soups have been missing! It has the crunch of a chip, or crispy bacon and if you do them in the oven a little lesser like a piece of limp bacon minus the smell.


(Warning triple the recipe it goes fast! )

1 eggplant (makes about 15/25 pieces depending on size and shape cut)

slice the eggplant as thinly as you possible can if you have a mandolin that is perfect, usually a two for the thickness setting. I also do not peel my eggplant.

Before Dehydrator (

2 TBSP Liquid Amino

2 TBSP Raw Apple cider vinegar

2 TBSP Tamari Soy sauce (GF) (Non-GMO)

it has a

more savory rich flavor than regular soy sauce.

3 TBSP Grade B Maple syrup

1 TBSP olive oil

4 or 5 dashes liquid smoke (optional) I use smoked sea salt.

1 tsp. Paprika

1 tsp. chili powder

1 tsp. garlic powder

Mix well

Add all of the eggplant slices to the mixture and let it sit for at least an hour turning occasionally so every slice gets some lovin’.

If you have a food dehydrator set it on 135, on the mesh lined sheets I let mine run for about 30 hours so it is good and crispy if you cut your eggplant thicker than you need to run longer so they get crisp so 48 hours.

Oven style set on 275 and check every twenty minutes or so and baste here and there. Once they get going if they are cut thinly they will burn

Usually about 20-35 minutes and they will be done!

Yeah! Now you have Eggplant bacon. Veggie Thumper style! Sweet and salty!

Peace enjoy!


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