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Veggie Thumper Vegetarian and Vegan food bus

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March 5 2016…. The day I bought a bus.  It started with several months of hunting for a vessel to bring Veggie Thumper to the streets of Des Moines.  Then reality set in, I have a dream, goals and a budget. Then the other reality set in, start-ups are discouragingly hard to get funded and I was plowing through my savings to make the dream become reality.  So I went to Bagley Iowa, checked out the bus, I looked, I started it, I saw the vision of the creations yet to be created within the walls. With that I leapt. I paid the man and for the first time in my life, I drove a big red bus. And hour and thirty minutes,  All 35 feet of it. This was an interesting experience, it drove sort of like a slow boxy bus. I didn’t switch lanes the whole way back on the interstate and I laughed hysterically for a good portion of the drive home, in awe at where my life had taken me. The bus,  It thumped , rattled and was loud, but it was now mine and was part of the master plan to bring wholesome, healthy plantbased comfort foods with a vegetarian vegan spin.   There have been many ups and enough downs, but the experiences have been worth it thus far.  As  I work toward my goals of raising funds and further piecing the bus together one step at a time you can keep track of the progress here.  Find out where the bus will be for pop-ups or other Veggie Thumper activities.  Thanks for thumpin’ with me! Peace

Find The Bus! Grab a snack!  New Online Ordering

The bus will be out full-time April 7!

Follow along on social media to find the 2020 Schedule of events and where the bus will be located. street food finder @veggiethumper or Facebook

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