My journey has placed me with many awesome stars, lights and souls that have helped me lay my foundation. Below are some of my partners, together it seems we can move mountains. I would like to thank each and everyone of you, who have helped me in some way plant the seeds then stayed to water. i'm grateful for those of you who have pushed me,supported me, inspired me, encouraged me, taught me, criticized me, loved me.  all the many ways the united can aid in growth and its multiple forms. y'all know who you are. extra Gratitude to my Madres, SIstar and Son. To all the rest of you from Rallies, to buses I'm grateful for ya! I'm blessed to sun trip with all of you. Gratitude for thumpin with me!

Adrienne Wade


  • Instagram - Grey Circle
  • Facebook - Grey Circle is an expansive platform that focuses on living from our interconnectedness; finding balance through self healing, health, art and nature. It is our mission to offer healing experiences that empower the minds, hearts, and hands of individuals to grow and foster the Seeds of Love. We offer holistic education, art shows, classes, workshops, products and services; facilitating humanities personal, social, and environmental transformation. 

David Houston

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I was reared in Des Moines Iowa.  After graduating from Roosevelt High School 1996.  I was blessed to continue my education in Baton Rouge, LA attending Southern University A&M as a student athlete.  In 2002, I graduated with a bachelor's degree in architecture and moved to Texas for about eight years to pursue a career in the field of architecture.

After returning to Des Moines in 2011  I saw immense amounts of growth and new vibrant development across the metro.  But somehow not much has changed in other areas of the city.  I returned to see the very same empty lots and boarded up homes that I grew up with were still in neglect 15 years later.  I knew something had to be done.  Inspired by this observation, I found a home in the Riverbend area. I purchased 1609 8th Street with a big vision. The vision is to restore, showcase and utilize this home as hub. This model home would promote and encourage sustainable living and efficient housing methods. 

Ben Spellman

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Good Vibes Yoga is an all-inclusive community emanating good energy and soulful experiences. Here, you are part of a movement. We connect. We feel. We breathe. We love. We unite.

Good Vibes means that everybody has an opportunity to experience yoga – to get that vibe. I offer donation-based classes where you give what you can, and we reinvest your donation into growing our community and keeping the movement moving. Whether you donate a dime or just commit your time, come be present with us! If you’re ready to experience the power of yoga, check out the schedule to see where current classes are offered.

Veg Life Des Moines

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VegLife Des Moines provides the resources you need to learn more about and conquer vegan life with the vision of an inclusive, compassionate community. We’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit, created in 2017 by a group of local vegans to inspire and educate about the impact of our choices on animals, the environment, and people. We know veg living in Des Moines comes with some challenges; we’re here to help you out!

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Ed Fallon

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Ed Fallon served as a state legislator for fourteen years before running unsuccessfully for Governor in 2006 and U.S. Congress in 2008. Since 2009, he has hosted a talk show called the Fallon Forum. Ed contributes to a sustainable world by walking and biking as his primary means of transportation, and by growing a lot of his own food and raising laying hens. 


Favorite quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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