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September 4, 2017

Sweet life Cornbread

Even if the rest of the food is terrible, all will be right with this cornbread present.

So who doesn’t love a good piece of cornbread? It can make all seem right when paired with a wide array of dishes. It can also be a dish loaded with calories, dairy and gluten so I rearranged something’s so that we could have a better way of cornbreading.

400 F for 25 minutes  10/15 minutes prep

I always double my recipe for a 9x13 pan or two 8x8s square.

This recipe is for one 8x8 square pan.

1 c. Cornmeal (I used Bobs...

Cauliflower Chickpea Cacciatore

Hunter-gatherer. Veggies and protein =

bam, pow! Yumminess!

pow! Yumminess!

I served over Potato Rosemary Gnocchi pictured, but recipe not included

Prep time is about 35-45 mins cook time about 45 minutes

This recipe serves about 6-8 and reheats well. I haven’t tried to freeze this dish for later, yet, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t freeze well.  Try it out and let me know!  

 I soak and cook my Garbanzo beans ahead of time

5 or more cloves garlic finely minced

1-large Red onion chopped  


Lentil Bolognese

Lentils! Pulses, Lentils! How I’ve come to love something I once deemed as either too hard or too soft and the color was off putting.  But, then I learned how to cook and realized it wasn’t the lentils… It was the preparation or the preparer.  Now Lentils and I are in love and I just wanna share that love with the world.  So Let’s talk about Lentil Bolognese.  There are several types of Lentils, my heart most desires the French black lentils or the Petite French Green Lentils.  The size and texture is diffe...

May 3, 2017

Thumpin’ Reverse Chocolate Truffle pie! 

Who doesn’t love a rich chocolaty, sweet treat?  We love it even more when it takes just about 30 minutes to make it seem as though we’ve put in hours.   Vegan made switch the pretzels and cookies out and it can be made gluten-free. Non-vegans will dig it too! Serve with coffee and you’ve got a new favorite, promise!

 *Indicates brand most ingredients can be purchased at Campbell’s nutrition center, whole foods or your local health food store. Hy-Vee’s organic section carrie...

Thumper Butternut squash, Bean & Veggie Soup 

It's cold, my hands are constantly cold, so are my toes and the tip of my nose so with that said, crock-pot Mondays rock even more so! Imagine you spend thirty minutes preparing something and put it in a ceramic dish and beep, beep, boop, boop, hit the buttons temperature settings and the time settings then walk away  like a boss.  About two hours in, the smells are intoxicating.  Now, imagine you come home from work to such smells and dinner is basically ready. Do your I’m a bo...

White Bean Jackfruit Verde Chili 

Baby its cold outside, but the crock-pot is fired up and the house is smellin’ legit! So why not warm up from the inside out with a light yet satisfying soup packed with flavor and nutrients! Bam ‘cause that’s how Thumper rolls!  With that stated lets get to the business, I’m going to enlighten you to a soup White bean Verde soup but with a Veggie Thumper twist of course! Jackfruit! Have you heard of it? If not here is a link with a bit of info for you about this fabulous fruit that is also...

Black Bean Brownies with a Thumper spice twist!

Fudgy, Gooey, Chocolaty makes you want another one, two or three.  You don’t feel weighted down and you are glad you went for the….

I present to you black bean brownies.

Below is a little info about some of the ingredients called for and most are available at Campbell’s Nutrition in DSM or health markets larger grocery stores and Whole Foods.

So lets get to the essentials:

 They are gooeyish, they are chocolaty and they are subtly sweet, more so if you add more sugar. 

They ar...

White bean and Red Potato Herbed Patties

We know it can be hard for a thumper to always incorporate a protein and other essential nutrients by eating, especially when you aren’t sure what you are doing.  Don’t fall into the carbatarian category.  I always find a way to add more veggies to my veggies and clean proteins to my dishes to get the most out of each eating session. 

This recipe certainly has you covered!

2 C. cooked white beans, Northern or Cannellini work fine. Or you can use chickpeas too,  In the cooler...

Surprising meatlovers with meatless creations and shroom haters with mushroom meatballs ‘cause they don’t know unless you tell em :).

Crimini Mushroom benefits- selenium, copper, potassium, phosphorus and zinc.  Also B vitamin powerhouse B2 and niacin B1 and B6 plus they have protein!

The Goods

One pound and some change of crimini mushrooms finely chopped.  I added mine to the food processer and gave a couple quick pulses

A dash celery salt

Medium onion finely chopped

5 cloves of garlic minced

2 oz. Nutritional yeast or 1oz parm...

Lentil Tacos

Serves 6-7 plus leftovers bonus it freezes well.  15-20 minutes for prep and 35-40 to cook the lentils.

I love black bean tacos and all but, sometimes when you get to that third hard-shelled taco the bottom can sometimes be a little soggy. Then one day I wanted tacos on the fly and didn’t have beans pre-soaked so the idea was born to fill a taco shell with lentils! Such a versatile legume! 

There are also a variety of different ways to mix this Lentil taco mix up so if you make extra you won’t be bored.  First yo...

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