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White bean and Red Potato Herbed Patties

White bean and Red Potato Herbed Patties

We know it can be hard for a thumper to always incorporate a protein and other essential nutrients by eating, especially when you aren’t sure what you are doing. Don’t fall into the carbatarian category. I always find a way to add more veggies to my veggies and clean proteins to my dishes to get the most out of each eating session.

This recipe certainly has you covered!

2 C. cooked white beans, Northern or Cannellini work fine. Or you can use chickpeas too, In the cooler months I crock-pot and cook beans and divvy portions up for ease of use later.

6 or 7 Red cubed new potatoes (smaller ones) boiled until soft. I scrub the potatoes, then chop and then rinse again to help remove surface starches) Red Potatoes are also lower in starch.

Chunky style mash the potatoes, you still want a decent amount of texture.

Then add your beans to the bowl and give the ingredients a few squeezes to mix. Again you want texture.

1 red onion chopped and added to the bean/potato mix

4,5,6 cloves of finely minced garlic

Sautee in the pan before adding to the bean/potato mix

a few Green onions chopped up


Remember, I don’t typically measure.

Some snipping’s of garden fresh sage if you’ve got it if not dried will work too

½ TBSP. Thyme

½ TBSP. Oregano

1 Tsp. Rubbed dry sage

½ TBSP. Garlic powder

½ TBSP. Paprika

½ Tsp. dried Rosemary make the pieces smaller by

1TBSP. Tarragon

(Optional) Chili flakes ( I like everything with some kick to it J)

A couple dashes of pink Himalayan salt or sea weed.

Next time I will add ¼ c. Nutritional yeast or maybe herbed goat cheese, or I might sprinkle with feta. (Now, I’ve made myself hungry all over again)

Mix all of these spices into the bean mixture.

Raw Spinach or Kale about three cups, and I ripped up the pieces a bit

Add to the bean/potato mixture and mix well remember texture.

When tomatoes are in season, I added in a two or so medium Black Krim heirloom tomatoes chopped and mixed those in to the mix.

Let the mix sit for a spell. About an hour so the flavors have time to shine.

Now for the cooking part! Take a little bit of the mixture and make it like a patty, add to a ready oiled hot pan (I used Safflower oil), my cast iron pan shined love for this dish. Sear each side for about two minutes Just like you would do with pancakes, also you can take the mix, make patties and put in the oven on parchment paper making sure to flip both sides.

Protein, amino acids, veggie power and some all in one tasty patty.

If you want you can lightly coat both sides in GF oatmeal or medium grind cornmeal and then you have even more crunch added to them. Or you can use as patties on a sandwich or wrap.

Bam you have Thumper Style White bean and Potato veggie patties! Enjoy!


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