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Sweet life Cornbread

Sweet life Cornbread

Even if the rest of the food is terrible, all will be right with this cornbread present.

So who doesn’t love a good piece of cornbread? It can make all seem right when paired with a wide array of dishes. It can also be a dish loaded with calories, dairy and gluten so I rearranged something’s so that we could have a better way of cornbreading.

400 F for 25 minutes 10/15 minutes prep

I always double my recipe for a 9x13 pan or two 8x8s square.

This recipe is for one 8x8 square pan.

1 c. Cornmeal (I used Bobs Red Mill brand gluten-free) it is a medium grind

1 c. Oat flour (gluten free oats I put Bob’s Red Mill brand gluten free oats in the food processor and make my own oatflour.) I’ve also used Buckwheat flour or you can use regular flour

3 tsp. Baking Powder

1/2c. Brown Sugar

1c. Almond or cashew milk (I’ve also used coconut cream)

1/3 c. coconut oil (melted)

1 tsp. Vanilla extract

½ tsp. Ceylon Cinnamon powder ( I don’t measure…) So I may use a bit more

1 Neat egg or egg replacement of your choice or you can also use an egg

I’ve topped with honey, I’ve added Pablanos and jalapenos with corn, just corn, green chilies’, a dash of cayenne. It is a versatile cornbread, have fun playing with your food.

Mix everything together well either by hand or with beaters. Once mixed add to your oiled pans and pop into the oven. 25-30 minutes later! Bam, it’s a slice of yum!

Enjoy! Peace!


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