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Banana ChimiChanga’s

Banana ChimiChanga’s Veggie Thumper Style

Breakfast! The meal that means oh so much, but lets face it daybreak comes too soon and the alarm clock sucks, the snooze feature is the best part about them.… Start the day off right with a quick, nutrient packed breakfast that not only tastes fabulous hot but still hits the spot cold, while keeping you fueled until your next snack or meal. Summer is coming up and that means the grocery bill gets even higher because the endless pits are home to gobble up everything in the house. Without further delay I introduce to you Banana Chimichanga’s Veggie Thumper style!

Start off with a organic tortilla wrap (I use Maria Ricardo’s sprouted wraps and the brown rice wraps if you do the gluten free deal)

Now, spread a nice layer of raw almond or cashew butter upon your wrap. IF you have a nut allergy in the home sunflower butter works fine too.

I always keep Flax and Chia seeds ground in jars since they digest better when they aren’t in full seed form. (Plus they aren’t so visible in your front teeth after consuming them…) Spread about a ½ tablespoon each on top of the nut butter layer, then a tablespoon of hemp seeds.

Now get your cinnamon out and do the handshake, I get really busy with the cinnamon because I love how it regulates the release of glucose slowly into your blood.

Next cut a banana in half and then slice in half lengthwise, and put on top of all the layers, next get out your hemp granola (optional) I appreciate the texture it adds, sprinkle a small amount a top the bananas If I actually used measuring devices I would say it is about 3 tablespoons worth.

If you have a sweet tooth take a ½ tablespoon or so of chocolate chips and sprinkle the goodness in there too. Now for the finishing touch a drizzle of honey I do three small circles and then fold the bottom up so the bananas slightly peek out of the top and Boom you can eat it like cold, or my favorite is to then bust out my pan put in a tablespoon of coconut oil and brown both sides so the chocolate chips melt, the honey caramelizes with the bananas and nut butter and BOOM breakfast like a fine pastry without any additives and it is all a super healthy way to start your day off right or to make a crappy day even better! Enjoy!

Banana Chimichanga Recipe!

(1 per serving)

Maria Ricardo’s Sprouted tortillas or Engine 2 brand brown rice tortilla (Gluten Free)

About a TBSP Almond or Cashew butter (Sunflower Butter for nut allergy)

TBSP each ground Chia and Flax seeds

1 TBSP Hemp Hearts

1/2 of a banana

Hemp granola or flavor of your choice (optional)

½ TBSP chocolate chips (optional)

1 TSP Raw Honey local to you. Can substitute for Grade B Maple syrup

Other fillings I have used, instead of chocolate chips, dried Cranberries and dried Blueberries yummmmm!

TA Da!!! Yes I took a few bites just so you could see the melty goodness of it all.Save

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