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Black Bean Brownies with a Thumper spice twist!

Fudgy, Gooey, Chocolaty makes you want another one, two or three.  You don’t feel weighted down and you are glad you went for the….

I present to you black bean brownies.

Below is a little info about some of the ingredients called for and most are available at Campbell’s Nutrition in DSM or health markets larger grocery stores and Whole Foods.

So lets get to the essentials:

 They are gooeyish, they are chocolaty and they are subtly sweet, more so if you add more sugar. 

They ar...

Thumper Marinated Mushroom Steaks

Total prep about 20 minutes, total time about 1 hour 45 minutes (I hour marinating at the very least) you can make the rest while you marinate :)

Feeds four five or six.  I had 12 oz of broth remaining.

Four or Five large Portobello mushrooms, cleanse with a clean damp cloth, remove the caps from the stem.


Four or five cloves of garlic finely diced (food processor or chopper)

½ C. Vegan Worchester sauce

2 TBSP. Liquid Aminos or (Tamari Soy Sauce)

1 c. Veggie broth

combine all liquids i...

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